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[attacks with default cute]

[until i'm not lazy]

GaluxKitty scans doujinshi, apparently
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A doujinshi scans community.
Oh hai, this is where ceasefire puts doujinshi scans. I own many FMA doujinshis that I bought online, and also acquired a good amount of Reborn, Junjou Romantica, Code Geass and Final Fantasy III doujins while I was in Japan at the end of 2009.

Posts are locked but membership is open, so go nuts. I just have a couple rules that I would love you to follow.

1. Play nice. No starting flamewars.
2. Don't remove anything crediting me for the scans.
3. Posts are locked to the LJ content filters (general, 14+, 18+) so don't complain if you can't see the explicit content because of your age. I don't want to get b&.
4. I don't want my scans shared anywhere but here and insieme_scans anymore. Please do NOT reupload them anywhere else.
5. Feel free to ask me where I bought a doujin. Ummm, please don't be upset if the answer is Japan.
6. If you want to icon the scans you can. I'd appreciate credit to the doujinshi circle, at least, and crediting me would be nice but not essential.
7. If you want to scanlate the doujinshi, go for it! Just drop me a comment telling me you did it and you're using my scans.
8. Have fuuuuuuun!

The picture on our credits page comes from the D18 anthology Toshishita Otoko No Ko.